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This column celebrates the publishing success of Oswego alumni authors, illustrators and recording artists. Please keep us informed about new books and audio recordings by requesting that your publisher or distributor send a copy for the Oswego Alumni Bookshelf at King Alumni Hall.

Edwin Peterson ’54 explains in great detail the complexities of milk glass with full color images in his book Milk Glass Plates. Self published. 2010.

Milk Glass Plates by Edwin Peterson

John W. Parsons ’54 most recent novel, ETB, follows the heroine from his previous novel, Stone and Mortar, as she takes on another worldly cause. John has also written two other novels, Unselfish and A Journey Through Life. He is working on his fifth novel. Wasteland Press. 2012.

Craig W. Fisher, PhD. ’65 shares his knowledge of fundamentals and information quality in the textbook, Introduction to Information Quality that he co-wrote with Eitel Lauria, Shobha Chengalur-Smith, and Richard Wang. The purpose of the textbook is to alert business professionals to the pervasiveness and criticality of data problems. The Author House. 2011.

Edward Albert Maruggi ’72 tells mirthful tales of travelling through Italy in his most recent novel, Humorous Happenings While Traveling in Italy. Edward is the author of three other books pertaining to being an Italian-American, Mushrooms, Sausage and Wine: Life with an Immigrant Father; Italian Heart, American Soul, and Remembrances. Winston Publishing. 2011.

Patricia A. Nugent ’75 wrote a book entitled, They Live On: Saying Goodbye to Mom and Dad, with 300 vignettes portraying the stages of caring for and saying goodbye to a loved one, as seen through the eyes of a daughter and her terminally ill parents. Self published. 2010.

Lois Hamill ’79 provides practical, step-by-step guidance for managing all facets of archival collections, from acquisition, arrangement and description to storage and security. Archives for the Lay Person is a guidebook for people who care for historical records, photographs, and collections but do not have professional training. AltaMira Press. 2013.

Jodi Weinstein Mullen ’92 and Michael Mullen ’94, both professors and staff members at SUNY Oswego, along with their children, Andrew and Leah, have written Naughty No More, a workbook for children who want to make good decisions. This book offers simple, kid-friendly activities that provide opportunities for growth. Balboa Press. 2013.

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