10 X 10 +10: Katie Meegan ’09

Katie Meegan ’09


1 Graduate Of the Last Decade, 100 words about her + 10 random questions

Most people wouldn’t think of cleaning up poop as a career pinnacle. But for Katie Meegan ’09, taking care of animals — and their business — is her business.

Katie Meegan '09

Katie Meegan '09 holds a Siberian lynx. Meegan is an education specialist at the Buffalo Zoo and assistant to naturalist and TV personality Jarod Miller '00.

She’s a Buffalo Zoo animal care specialist who moonlights with professional zoologist and TV personality Jarod Miller ’00, whom she met when the Biology Club brought him to campus. Today they work together several days a week, showing animals locally and on television shows like the Late Show with David Letterman.

“I’m doing what I want to do. So as far as I’m concerned, I’ve already made it,” says Meegan. “I love teaching people how cool animals really are.” l

1) Coolest animal you’ve handled: That’s tough. It’d probably have to be
a tie between a tapir and a Siberian lynx.

2) Most loved stuffed animal as a kid: A small stuffed lion that I called Lioness.

3) Favorite Rice Creek pastime: My senior year I would escape there to study during the warmer weather and not tell anyone where I was going.
I still won’t reveal my secret spot.

4) Downside of animal handling: Sometimes I smell. Who am I kidding? Most of the time I smell.

5) Upside of Oswego’s weather: It truly makes you appreciate the nicer weather but you also can’t beat the sunsets.

6) Dogs or cats? Dogs. I can’t stand cleaning kitty litter.

7) Rudy’s or Sub Shop? Rudy’s all the way. There is something about sitting next to the lake that eating a sub can’t come close to.

8) Yes, please: Buffalo Sabres hockey.

9) No, thank you: Snow. I’ve had enough snow and cold weather to last a lifetime.

10) Little-known fact: Gorillas and chimpanzees have a cluster of sweat glands under their arms (like humans) and may have smelly armpits after exercise.

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  1. Hey I have being looking for family al over the world and came across your blog. My name is Keith Meegan I am born and raised in Dublin. Ireland and at present doing a family tree . I have a uncle in Canada and hear I have family in Boston. I see you take care of animals. I do too, I
    Have a small private animal rescue centre. Mostly cats. Anyway if you could let me know if you know of any family from Dublin. Or anywhere in Ireland may be family as Meegan name not that big. Sorry for hijacking ur page . Take care

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