Wedding Album: Spring 2016


Briana Viel ’08 and Brian Scripter ’08 M’09 were married Aug. 8, 2015, in Cicero, N.Y. Pictured are: front row from left, Leila Boukassi ’07, Lauren Scialdo ’07, Brian Scripter ’08 M’09 and Briana Viel Scripter ’08; second row from left, Alex Sheldon ’08 M’09, Kevin Dinan ’08 M’11, Kathie Weigel Wahila ’08, James Wahila ’08 M’10, Tim Rainey ’08 M’09, Kathleen Sherwood Ferraro ’08, Rob Gavin ’08 M’09, Drew Ireland ’09, Joe Galan ’08 and Rob Foy ’08 M’09; third row from left Dan Dempsey ’04 M’07, Sara Leo Dempsey ’08, Alayna Shannon ’07 M’09 and Alex Smith ’08.


Ariel Powers ’13 and Brian West ’13 were married Aug. 15, 2015, at the home of the bride’s parents. Pictured from left are: Stefanie Cornnell ’13 M’14; Alex Elkins ’14; Daniela Pirraglia ’14; Alfred Stamm, SUNY Oswego professor of meteorology; Brian Donegan ’13; Mehran Nojan, SUNY Oswego director of institutional research; Ariel Powers-West ’13; Brian West ’13; Riann Warren-Donegan ’13; William Powers Jr. ’73; Katie Loiacono Maxwell ’97 M’02, senior assistant director in the SUNY Oswego Office of Admissions; Ryan Lemon ’00, SUNY Oswego international recruitment manager; Gary Morris ’88, SUNY Oswego director of career services; and Sandy Mitchell Morris ’89. The couple met at SUNY Oswego freshman orientation. They now reside in West Laurens, N.Y.


Matthew Oberst ’03 M’06 and Michelle Grimm were married on Aug. 14, 2015 in Canandaigua, N.Y. Matt is a technology teacher and coach in Canandaigua and Michelle is a math teacher in Penfield, N.Y. The couple resides in Farmington, N.Y. Pictured from left: George Young ’04, Leann Donnelly Young ’05 M’07, Scott Jones ’05, Christine Jones, Matthew ’03 M’06 and Michelle Grimm Oberst, Lex Barker ’03, Michelle Barker, Senior Associate Director of Admissions Jerry Oberst ’77, Heather Bamford Robbins ’05, Matt Robbins, Philip Oberst ’82, Aubrey Clements and John Clements ’05.


Carolyn Joy ’10 M’12 and Barry Wygel ’12 were married Aug. 9, 2014, in Fredonia, N.Y. Carolyn is a third grade teacher in Ballston Spa, N.Y., and Barry is a television reporter for TWC News in Albany, N.Y. The couple resides in Glenville, N.Y.


Tyrell Musch ’05 M’08 and Kristin Feeley were married Aug. 8, 2015, in Cortlandt Manor, N.Y. Pictured are: from left to right, Jeff Butler ’05 M’08, John Ditton M’69, Lucas Bliss ’99, Kevin Yahn ’03 M’08, Randy Salzer ’07, Adam Wheeler ’04, Christian Woolston ’99 M’09, Josh Sickler, Scott Richards ’05, Tracy Nichols Richards ’09, A. Drew McNichol ’07, Jackie Sovie McNichol ’07, Mike Turk ’01, Jed Musch ’03 M’05, Gina Marino ’03, Brian Pelc ’08 and Carey Pelc.


Kristyn Bermingham ’12 and Andrew Williams ’12 were married on July 11, 2015, at Brierwood Country Club in Buffalo, N.Y. Pictured are: back row, from left Nick DeFrancesco ’10, Kyle Wojciechowski ’11 and Justin Beehler ’12; middle row, from left Amy Ray ’11, Kristyn Bermingham Williams ’12, Andrew Williams ’12, Georgia Anderson ’11 and Emily Swartz ’12; and front row, from left Alex Romano ’11; Christopher Tompkins ’12 and Andrew Preischel ’12.


Kayle Light ’11 and David Curtin ’10 were married on June 6, 2015, in Skaneateles, N.Y. The couple met on a SUNY Oswego ski club trip. Pictured are: front row from left, Chris Tompkins, Hannah Moreau ’12 and Elisa Bailey ’12; middle row from left, Jim Roland ’07 M’08, Danielle Rozler Walsh ’09, Richard Budd ’09, Kayle Light Curtin ’11, David Curtin ’10, Megan Andersen ’12 and Brittney Anthony ’12; back row from left, Christopher Zaloga ’11, Christina Blanchard ’12, Eric Cohoon ’07 M’08, Ben Sharman ’12, Curt Natalizio ’08, Brian Luke ’11 and Kyle Cardinal ’12.

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