GOLD Profile: Yiserlyn Marte ’08 M’09

A Smooth Transition into the Professional World

p42-marteWhile a lot of young graduates were struggling to find jobs in their field at the time, Yiserlyn Marte ’08 M’09 landed a job at big-four accounting firm KPMG LLP before she even graduated from SUNY Oswego.

As a Hispanic teenager from the Bronx, N.Y., Marte came to Oswego to pursue the five-year B.S/MBA program in accounting. She now works as assistant vice president/senior compliance officer at JPMorgan Chase in Brooklyn, N.Y.

How did you obtain your job before leaving Oswego?

“I applied to multiple accounting firms through SUNY Oswego and landed an on-campus interview with KPMG. I interviewed with a partner from the Syracuse office, and after the interview I told him I was interested in going back home to New York City. I traveled back to New York for the interview and a few days later I received a call from the recruiter letting me know that they were interested in giving me an offer.”

And you were still a student when this happened?

“Yes, I got my contract to become an audit associate at KPMG in November 2009 and graduated in December.”

Have any Oswego alumni helped you out along the way?

Bob Garrett ’83, [KPMG managing partner and Oswego College Foundation board member] would occasionally host SUNY Oswego alumni breakfasts at his office. There were about six or seven of us at the New York office. Bob was interested in knowing how we were doing at KPMG, what engagements we have worked on and what he can do to help going forward. He was extremely helpful during my transfer from the audit practice to the advisory practice within KPMG. I actually saw Bob recently at one of the Oswego Alumni New York City events.”

Can you explain the role of a senior compliance officer?

“At JPMorgan Chase, I currently test the quality over anti-money laundering and fraud suspicious activity reports. I believe the education I received at SUNY Oswego helped more when I worked in the audit practice at KPMG, but it was definitely a great foundation for my career.”

Have you visited Oswego recently?

“No, but I would like to! My cousin, Jasmilex Mejia ’18, is at Oswego, also studying accounting.”

What is one of your highlights from Oswego?

“I liked all of the opportunities that SUNY Oswego offered, from being a Spanish and business calculus tutor and being involved in the Beta Alpha Psi Honor Society to the various volunteer opportunities. For example, I hosted Emi Valerio ’11 in Hart Hall when she was a high school student and showed her around campus. She ended up choosing SUNY Oswego. I hope I played a small part in her decision!”

—Tyler Edic ’13

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