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We celebrate and share the success of Oswego alumni authors, illustrators and recording artists, who may ask their publisher/distributor to send a copy of the work to the Oswego alumni office to be considered for this column and our website, where cover photos of all works in this column will be displayed.

Dying to TeachPearl Itzkowitz Wolf ’51

Dying to Teach.

Golden Age Press, 2014.

Dying to Teach, a romantic suspense novel, has been described as “a nail-biting suspense” by New York Times best-selling author Shelly Noble. It begins when teacher Gigi Giovanni is summoned from New York City to San Francisco to read the Last Will and Testament of her colleague, Christine Newall. Gigi is shocked to learn she was also named the executor of Christine’s estate and guardian of her sister. When Gigi discovers that someone has been embezzling money from Christine’s estate, it poses a threat to her own life. The bodies pile up around Gigi as she delves deeper into the mystery.

Stumps in the outfieldAnthony N. Botta ’74

Stumps in the Outfield.

Lulu Publishing Services, 2014.

Set in the exciting time period of the ’60s and ’70s, Botta’s memoir recalls experiences ranging from his innocent childhood in Brooklyn, N.Y., to his early first marriage. The casual, witty narrative is both heart-warming and poignant. He weaves references to current events, American culture, and most notably, popular music throughout his story. Botta does not presume to teach life lessons to his reader, but would rather amuse and entertain through reflection on his own life.

Sea TrialsPeter J. Bourke ’75

Sea Trials: A Lone Sailor’s Race Toward Home.

International Marine/McGraw-Hill Education LLC, 2014.

Three years after his wife’s death, Bourke bought a boat—even though he had never learned to sail. In 2009, Bourke entered the Oldest Singlehanded Trans-Atlantic Race at age 58. Sea Trials is the account of those 40 days of racing on his 44-foot sailboat Rubicon. Told with grace, insight and humility, the book inspires the reader to tackle challenging endeavors as well as squarely face life’s emotional challenges and find the courage to live a fully engaged, authentic life.

Post PatternDavid Chill ’77

Post Pattern.

Cold Spirit Press, 2013.

Burnside, a former college football star back in the day, has recently left the LAPD following a scandal and has started his own private investigation agency. After someone fires a shot at a football player from a rival university, Burnside takes on the case, which leads him into both the underbelly and the aristocracy of Los Angeles. As he unravels a complex series of baffling leads through the investigation, Burnside also comes to grips with a betrayal from his past that keeps returning to him, no matter how much he tries to avoid it.

Open the Eyes of My HeartWalt Wasilewski ’77

Open the Eyes of My Heart: Stories of Spiritual Care Volunteers Serving at Upstate University Hospital.

Upstate Medical University, 2014.

The book offers stories of Upstate University Hospital patients and the spiritual care volunteers who serve them. The diversity that the spiritual caregivers bring to this ministry meshes perfectly with the diverse needs and faith traditions of our community and the workings of the Spirit in our lives.

The book was published through a generous grant by the Friend In Deed program of the Upstate University Foundation.

Mystery of the Rising IslandLaura J. Stegmaier ’83

Mystery of the Rising Island.

Dog Ear Publishing, 2009.

This must-read tells a tale of 11-year-old psychic Ling-Ling Turner as she seeks the paranormal truth behind all sorts of bizarre occurrences in Briarwood Cove. From floating stink piles of muck on Lake Tahaso to mysterious attacks at night, Briarwood Cove is certainly in disarray. It’s up to Ling-Ling and her friends Chloe, Jada and Pablo to return the town back to normalcy.

Redisigning Courses for Online DeliveryRobyn E. Parker ’86

Redesigning Courses for Online Delivery: Design, Interaction, Media and Evaluation.

Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2013.

Volume 8 of the Cutting-Edge Technologies in Higher Education, Redesigning Courses for Online Delivery uses a four-phase approach to inform thinking, inspire creativity and structure decisions to drive the development of high-quality learning experiences. This informative read moves educators past simply digitizing courses for online delivery and focuses on creating more interactive and engaging experience for students and teachers.

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