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This column celebrates the publishing success of Oswego alumni authors, illustrators and recording artists. Please keep us informed about new books and audio recordings by requesting that your publisher or distributor send a copy for the Oswego Alumni Bookshelf at King Alumni Hall.

Dwight Logan ’59

Dwight Logan ’59 teaches how to study, take exams and speed read in Essential Learning Skills. The book includes practice tests, tools, definitions and tips on useful subject matter. Insight Publishing 2009.

Gary Fuller ’64

Gary Fuller ’64 uses trivia to teach his readers about practical geographic concepts and explanations in The Trivia Lover’s Guide to the World: Geography for the Lost and Found. Fuller asks questions like, “What continent contains at least 75 percent of the world’s fresh water?” and then provides answers in full detail, complete with illustrations and background information. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2012.

Don McNamara ’77

Don McNamara ’77 instructs preschoolers how to do American Sign Language through easy-to-follow illustrations and instructions in the Fun with Abby and Alyssa series. There are six books with themes such as: breakfast foods, zoo animals, colors, bedtime activities, school and family members. Second Printing, 2011.

Chris L. Brock ’83

Chris L. Brock ’83 shares a collection of humorous short stories of small-town life along the St. Lawrence river in Those Carp People: and Other Tales of Life Along the St. Lawrence. The book includes 10 stories inspired by Brock’s life along the river in Waddington, and his career as a journalist. Laughing Carp Publishing 2012.

Jennine Wright ’83

Jennine Wright ’83 shares her personal collection of recipes and family traditions in the cookbook Meals That Make Memories: Recipes My Mother Never Wrote Down. Wright gives instructions on how to make many of her family’s recipes and also includes personal memories. Morris Press Cookbooks, 2012.

Lisa Carletta-Vieites ’94

Lisa Carletta-Vieites ’94 illustrated the children’s book And I Thought About You. This book talks about the unbreakable bond between a working mother and her child, and the different ways working mothers show their love. Mascot Books, 2012.

Deirdre Maloney ’95

Deirdre Maloney ’95 offers strategies for nonprofit organizations in The Mission Myth. She uses examples from her experience as a consultant to debunk the “mission myth,” the false belief that nonprofits should focus all of their time and resources on their missions alone. Business Solutions Press, 2012.

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  1. I just may purchase the Mission Myth. even though I do not run a non profit it shows that focusing on only one part of any business is not good. I have a toner and ink business but too often I only focus on one aspect of the business when there are really many facets of any business.


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