Newsmaker: Lou Borrelli Jr. ’77

New York City-based start-up NimbleTV has named cable and broadband industry veteran Lou Borrelli Jr. ’77 as its new chief marketing officer.

Lou Borrelli Jr. '77

Lou Borrelli Jr. ’77

Borrelli has been involved with the media technology company since last year, serving as an advisor and investor. He’ll now oversee all aspects of NimbleTV’s marketing, including communications, strategy and business development.

NimbleTV offers a kind of boxless Slingbox and DVR service, allowing cable, satellite and telecommunications TV subscribers the ability to stream their video content on numerous digital devices.

Borrelli previously served as president and CEO of NEP Broadcasting, an international provider of outsourced teleproduction services critical to the delivery of live sports and entertainment events.

Prior to joining NEP, he was senior VP of broadband for America Online, responsible for developing AOL’s High Speed Broadband business plan, managing the commercial launch of AOL High Speed Cable to Time Warner Cable customers, and developing distribution partnerships for AOL across the cable television and telecommunications industries.

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