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This column celebrates the publishing success of Oswego alumni authors, illustrators and recording artists. Please keep us informed about new books and audio recordings by requesting that your publisher or distributor send a copy for the Oswego Alumni Bookshelf at King Alumni Hall.

Bert-Mary Brady '55

Bert-Mary Brady ’55 tells her own story in Bert-Mary Who? The memoir covers the life of the industrial arts major and longtime teacher.
RealTime Publishing, 2011.

Anna B. Napolitano '60

Anna Bellantoni Napolitano ’60 tests the limits of mathematical knowledge with Algebra Cross Number Puzzles. The book includes 20 puzzles intended to entertain and educate. AuthorHouse, 2012.

Jon Whalen '66, M '68

Jon C. Whalen ’66, M ’68 and his son, Bernard, co-wrote Justifiable Homicide.  After the New York City mayor is assassinated, his brother — an NYPD cop — a detective and a rookie officer seek justice in this fictional thriller. Self-published, 2010.

Paul Ferguson '69

Paul Ferguson ’69 tells the story of a delusional serial killer and the detective determined to catch him. Ferguson adds some twists to his first novel, Killing the Dead. 2QT, 2011.

George Colon '71

After a violent nationalist uprising in 1950s Puerto Rico, two men conspire to assassinate “Give ’em Hell” Harry Truman in To Kill a President by George L. Colon ’71. The thriller interweaves the story of the aspiring assassins with two officers on the side of law and order. iUniverse, 2011.

Michael O. Logusz '77

Michael O. Logusz ’77 captures the terrain, tactics and terror of colonial-era battle in his historic text With Musket & Tomahawk Volume II: The Mohawk Valley Campaign in the Wilderness War. Logusz attempts to capture the feel of the campaign as American citizens on the rough frontier form themselves into an army in this follow up to volume one, which covered the Wilderness War’s Saratoga campaign. Casemate, 2012.

Diane Fenner '91

Diane Staehr Fenner ’91 and co-author Natalie Kuhlman offer guidance in Preparing Effective Teachers of English Language Learners: Practical Applications for the TESOL P-12 Professional Teaching Standards. The book includes step-by-step applications using the five domains of language, culture, instruction, assessment and professionalism. TESOL International Association, 2012.

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