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This column celebrates the publishing success of Oswego alumni authors, illustrators and recording artists. Please keep us informed about new books and audio recordings by requesting that your publisher or distributor send a copy for the Oswego Alumni Bookshelf at King Alumni Hall.

Stan Levenson ’54 uses his memoir, When Brooklyn Was Heaven: A Memoir from Brooklyn to L.A. and Places In-Between, to provide accounts of those Brooklyn neighborhoods so rich in culture and history, and of his own rise from being a poor, fatherless kid during the Great Depression to becoming a renowned fundraiser helping schools around the world reap millions of dollars in grants and gifts. The book includes memories of Oswego times spent with classmates, including his Zeta Rho brothers and roommate Al Marini ’54; and emeriti, including the late Max Ziel and Erwin Palmer. Outskirts Press, 2011.










Joseph Cangemi ’59, Casimir Kowalski ’65 and Hilary S. Czaplicki write about the Solidarity movement in Poland in the late 1970s in their book, Heroes of Solidarity: Political, Philosophical, Psychological Perspectives. With 13 other scholars, the authors provide unique and multidimensional perspectives into the events that unfolded in Poland. McGraw-Hill, 2011.










Sandy McPherson Carrubba ’65 uses 21 poems to explore accepting change, finding the beauty in the everyday, being a mother, and art, among other topics in her chapbook, Brush Strokes. Finishing Line Press, 2011.










Alfred E. “Fred” Fergerson ’71 takes readers along on his journey through the Holy Land in His Footsteps Are Still Warm. The pilgrimage took Fergerson through Israel and Egypt with visits to the site of Christ’s birth in Bethlehem and tomb in Jerusalem. Blurb, 2011.










Barbara Gordon ’74 shares her story of breast cancer and journey through diagnostic testing in her co-authored book, Breast Cancer Recurrence & Advanced Disease, offering medical information about recurrence and late-stage breast cancer while addressing practical, emotional, spiritual and interpersonal aspects of dying and health. Duke University Press, 2010.










Robert Stundtner ’76 and Jennifer Cleland tell the story of Sage Hall, a Cornell residence hall built for women in 1874, in their book, Sage Hall: Experiments in Coeducation and Preservation at Cornell University. Through the book, they tell the story of their own courtship and the 1996 to 1998 renovation of Sage that replaced the dilapidated interior and retained the historic façade. PhG Publishing, 2011.










Jessica Godfrey ’06, M ’09> takes a look at historic cultural perceptions of senior women in Europe in her book, Attitudes Toward Post-Menopausal Women in the High and Late Middle Ages, 1100-1400. Xlibris, 2011.

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  1. Thank you for featuring my book, WHEN BROOKLYN WAS HEAVEN. I am certain that all Oswego State graduates will identify with the more than 35 pages of text describing my wonderful days at Oswego.

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