No. 76 – Buckland’s

Buckland’s Bar and Grill hasn’t served a drop of beer or a single hamburger since it closed its doors more than a decade ago.

Buckland's signThat’s not too much of a problem for Pete Flanigan ’79. He has something that most Oswego alumni don’t: a Buckland’s on the first floor of his home.

Flanigan, the last of many former owners of Buckland’s, laid claim to decades of memorabilia. When the doors closed and bulldozers came, everything was fair game.

“I took what I could,” Flanigan said. That included half of the iconic Buckland’s sign that once stood outside.

“We got a truck and some rope and just pulled the thing down,” Flanigan said. He ripped out all the old electronics and split the sign down the middle. Flanigan’s half (pictured) resides in his Buckland’s-themed recreation room at home. The other ended up with his old business partner Pete Sobel ’82.

Rocco Varacchi ’70 and Cindy Spiak Varacchi ’72 first met on the beer-soaked floor of Buckland’s, where Rocco worked as a bartender and manned the grill.

“I tried to sell her a ticket to my fraternity beer blast, but she didn’t want anything to do with it,” Rocco Varacchi said.

For many, it was more than just a bar or a place to work.

“Buckland’s was family,” Bill Price ’70 said. “(Owner) Bob (Clark) took care of us, and we took care of each other.”

— Keith Edelman ’10

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    • Patty Clark was my mother. The best years of my life were as a child spending time at Bucklands with my grandfather Robert Clark. Boy things were different back then. I was so blessed to be a part of that as a child. Thank you all who posts on this site about the love for my grandfather. I think about him every day.

  2. Our band played at Buckland’s many times, small stage but always a great crowd. Sorry to hear that is no longer…

  3. The place would rock on the weekends. Bob and Gladys were awesome! I bounced, tended bar and cooked for four years plus. I had fun & memories. Wanda was a sweetie to work for during my times. R.I.P. Clark’s and Wanda.

  4. I can’t hear the Box Tops sing “Give Me a Ticket For An Airplane” on the radio, without instantly remembering Bucklands in 1967 & 1968. Thanks for the Memory!

  5. Who could forget Clarkie and Wanda; we were there from ’64 through ’71. Spent many a night (and some days) sitting with Wanda at the back counter. You guys have just opened up a floodgate of great memories.

  6. I worked at Bucklands during 1979. I cleaned up the mess and change that was on the floor. I worked Sunday mornings. –Scott

  7. Just happened to find this site by accident as we were trying to remember the more obscure bars back in 1972. As an Alpha Delta Eta sister, we frequented the place on a very regular basis. I remember bringing my parents there one parents weekend and we danced and stayed out till last call, then went for coffee. They had as much fun as I did. When I was last in Oswego, several years ago and saw a McDonalds on that sacred ground I had to pause for a moment of silence. RIP Bucklands!

  8. I worked there in ’73 & ’74 pouring beer, making pizza, fries with gravy. Wanda and Clarkie took real good care of us back then.
    I met lots and lots of good people there. Great memories.

  9. Worked there in 68 and 69. Other posts are right, Clarke and Wanda were just great. Was in DK and Charlie donated those lethal scotch sours during formal weekends. I also lamented Bucks demise. Great memories there.

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