No. 48 – Art Attack!

When a group of students had an Art Attack on campus in 1984, there was no need to call the SAVAC ambulance. The art majors, under Professor Emeritus Nick D’Innocenzo, were beautifying campus buildings with colorful murals.

Mural at Tyler HallMany of the 13 students’ creations were designed in D’Innocenzo’s Dimensional Design class. The colorful mosaics were erected on Tyler and Mahar halls, Penfield Library and other spaces on campus.

“It was a very exciting project to work on,” remembers Amy Gingold Horwitz ’86, one of the Art Attack crew who also wrote an Oswegonian article about the project. “It was really wonderful that the campus was concerned about bringing out some environmental art at that time and giving funding to that project.”

Upon hearing that many of the murals still stand, the Albany-area resident commented, “It’s wonderful that they have preserved them — it’s fantastic!”

While the murals still bring pleasure to current visitors to campus, for Horwitz they’re a reminder of “an exciting time to be part of the Art Department in Oswego.”

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  1. Thanks for including this — particularly this photo, since that’s the mosaic I designed as part of Art Attack! in the summer after my freshman year. It’s nice to know I was able to leave a piece of art behind for future generations.

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