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This column celebrates the publishing success of Oswego alumni authors, illustrators and recording artists. Please keep us informed about new books and audio recordings by requesting that your publisher or distributor send a copy for the Oswego Alumni Bookshelf at King Alumni Hall.

Modern Irish Drama: W.B. Yeats to Marina Carr, by Professor Emeritus Sanford Sternlicht ’53, helps readers understand the background to the modern Irish drama and the scope of artistic, cultural and intellectual achievements in Irish history. The book, an updated version of the 1988 original, features extensive new material and discusses the lives and careers of more than 50 Irish playwrights. Syracuse University Press, 2010.

Richard G. Aanonsen ’59 reflects on the power of encouragement and sharing it with others in The Power of Encouragement. In the book, Richard provides guidance to help readers apply four elements of encouragement. PublishAmerica, 2009.


Anna Bellantoni Napolitano ’60 mixes math with fun in Math Crossword Puzzles, a book designed to help young children learn math in a more entertaining way. The book features arithmetic problems that, once solved, help fill in the puzzle. 1stBooks, 2004.


Perry Zirkel ’66 and Zorka Karanxha elaborate on the legal rights and obligations of student teachers in their educational law book Student Teaching and the Law. The book helps provide the framework for the student teaching experience and explain the issues that schools and student teachers should anticipate. Rowman & Littlefield Education, 2009.


Nancy Fichtman Dana ’86, M ’88 and Diane Yendol-Hoppey explain the secrets of maximizing talent among educational staff in Powerful Professional Development. The book offers a variety of tips and tools to help promote job-embedded professional learning among teachers and administrators. Corwin, 2010.


Kellyann Gayer ’93 and Susan Ehmann team up to help educators find mentor texts for teaching young writers in I Can Write Like That. The two help provide examples of 27 authors’ craft while also providing activities and workshops on how to reinforce what students have learned. International Reading Association, 2009.


Writing under the pseudonym Wesli Court, Professor Emeritus Lewis Putnam Turco chronicles the ups and downs of the real world in The Gathering of the Elders. Renowned writer/poet X.J. Kennedy calls the book “an event calculated to shiver all literary seismographs.” Star Cloud Press, 2010.






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  1. I’ve just published my first book. I’ll try to get you a copy for Rich Hall if you’d like it.

    It can be previewed at

    If it weren’t for faith and personal religious experiences such as the ones in this book, a trip through the Holy Land would be just a trip through Israel.

    I have discovered that there is a groupie-like camaraderie which prevails when “experienced” pilgrims get together. It is not the usual “been there – done that,” it is a deeper, almost fraternal like empathy of shared spiritual adventures.

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