Alumnus to Students: Know Your Business

Tony Procopio speaking to class RMI 320 Employee Benefits. Alumni In Residence.  Rich Hall, SUNY Oswego  04/23/2015

Tony Procopio Jr. ’85 speaking to class RMI 320 Employee Benefits. Alumni-In-Residence. Rich Hall, SUNY Oswego.

As vice president for the Syracuse-based company Haylor, Freyer & Coon, Tony Procopio Jr. ’85 navigates the intricacies of a complex insurance industry with precision, thanks to his Oswego roots.

Procopio highlighted his formative experiences with School of Business students.

“I was a kid from the city of Syracuse, one of seven children,” he said. “I considered a trade, like cabinet making. I attended and graduated from community college, but SUNY Oswego was the place where things came together.”

He started at Oswego as a computer science major, spend­ing countless hours in the computer lab. He eventually switched to a management major, but the mathematics and computer science education came in handy in his professional work.

“I was able to gain entry as an underwriter, handling a large book of commercial business,” Procopio said. “That experience has proved invaluable in sales. I can provide clients with total insurance solutions.”

Procopio emphasized that whatever career path students choose to pursue, they need to “know their business.” He said to learn everything they can about it, even if it initially seems unrelated to their specific job responsibilities.

Procopio graduated from Oswego with deep campus connections, lifelong friendships and his wife, Julie Feck Procopio ’92, whose father, Donald Feck, is a retired emeritus professor of technology.

“I never thought I would be back, 30 years later, to speak in front of students,” Procopio said. “It’s an honor.”

—Jerry Jaworski

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