‘It’s On Us’ Campaign Seeks to End Sexual Assaults

President Deborah F. Stanley (front right) joins others around campus who take the “It’s On Us” pledge for sexual assault awareness April 21 in the Marano Campus Center. The pledge and photo were among a number of “It’s On Us” events during Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The Title IX Committee sponsored information sessions and teamed with other offices and organizations around campus to recognize and support victims of non-consensual sex and to promote an environment in which sexual assault is not acceptable.

One thought on “‘It’s On Us’ Campaign Seeks to End Sexual Assaults

  1. I was visiting your campus this Veterans Day with my fourth child to go on college visits. I was very excited to see your campus take a vocal stance a subject important to all campuses. My oldest daughter is a survivor of sexual assault. And I wish her college had a program such as this to engage students in an open discussion and encourage a community effort to stop the violence and misconceptions. Thank you SUNY Oswego. May all colleges follow your example.

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