From the President’s Desk

President Deborah F. StanleyBehind the scenes. The concept conjures images of people in the shadows, amid pulleys, electrical cords and the blank sides of two-dimensional set pieces. Or the expression can signify an “edgy” approach that gives audiences an “insider’s” look into the making of a movie, a play or really any kind of creation or process.

This issue features stories that portray Oswego’s “Backstage Stars”— our alumni who work as costumers, lighting and sound designers, stage managers and directors. Our cover story about Broadway stagehand and lead carpenter George Dummitt ’69 showcases an alumnus whose support of his alma mater, literally and figuratively, strengthens our “behind-the-scenes” activities to improve our public successes. His support and connections to campus exemplify the impact a single individual can have on our beloved institution.

Our more than 78,000 alumni contribute their diverse talents to their communities worldwide in a variety of ways. You each find your own way to fulfill the charge of college founder, Edward Austin Sheldon, to apply your education “to its highest degree of usefulness.” Some of you are center stage as teachers in the classroom or managers in your company. Others employ your academic and life lessons as active and engaged community members and as “intrapreneurial” employees, who are committed to advancing your organization with the same dedication and passion as if you were the owner.

As we prepare to host the Welcoming Torchlight ceremony for our incoming students, we recognize the light our thousands of alumni emit through their work—whether it be center stage or behind the scenes. We take pride in your many accomplishments and applaud your efforts. Know that you will always have the home-crowd audience here in Oswego, ready to acknowledge your successes!

— President Deborah F. Stanley

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