Start-Up NY at Oswego Identifies Prospects, Assembles Board

Pamela Caraccioli Last fall, Gov. Andrew Cuomo launched Start-Up NY, providing major incentives for qualifying businesses to relocate, start up or expand in this state through affiliations with colleges and universities. Businesses will have the opportunity to operate free of state and local taxes on or near academic campuses, and their employees will pay no state or local personal income taxes for 10 years. Participating companies must add new jobs, providing an economic lift to the surrounding community that does not endanger nearby competitors.

“Linkages with Oswego’s academic strengths will be critical to building our Start-Up NY partnerships,” President Deborah F. Stanley said. “In a successful partnership, SUNY Oswego and the company will work together in a key area of the college’s competency for mutual, complementary benefit.”

The president has selected two initial sites for tax-free zones to attract new and expanding businesses to campus: the Romney parking lot bordering State Route 104 and the lake-view tennis courts and adjacent parking lot on Rudolph Road. Potential exists to add properties within a mile of the Oswego campus, SUNY Oswego Phoenix Center and SUNY Oswego Metro Center in Syracuse.

A 25-member Economic Development Advisory Board has been meeting with business prospects, some of them global companies.

—Office of Public Affairs

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