Alumna Placed Oswego on Leading Edge of LinkedIn Networking

In addition to the array of professional development services the SUNY Oswego Office of Career Services offers, alumni can find networking opportunities in a 4,500-member LinkedIn group.

The discussion forum has fostered connections over the past five years, with alumni waxing nostalgic about favorite memories or pursuing job and networking opportunities. Exclusive to Oswego alumni, the group establishes a great base for networking, founder and moderator Maureen O’Donnell Sanchez ’87 said.

“[We talk] about everything from sunsets and the opening of the Stands to jobs … members try to help each other organically,” Sanchez said. “I have posted many jobs over the years, and I hope that has opened the door for others to feel comfortable doing the same.”

The group includes a board of job opportunities, a valuable resource that includes member postings from across their networks.

“Whenever friends at various companies are looking, I post the positions in the jobs discussions section,” Sanchez said. “I’d encourage any member to do the same — helping out Oswego alums, letting them see through their eyes what you see through yours.”

Internship- and job-seeking Oswego students often interact too, giving members an opportunity to lend a hand and make connections with the newest or soon-to-be graduates. It’s not uncommon to see impromptu local alumni gatherings organized there as well.

“It’s as strong as the members make it,” Sanchez said. “The more you interact and engage, the more you stand to get out of the group. I would absolutely encourage any of Oswego’s 77,000 alums to join.”

Drop in at and join the conversation, search for or post jobs or simply reconnect with other alumni.

-Shane M. Liebler

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