Wedding Album

Kristen Nuzback ’01 and Brian Shoemaker were married Nov. 12, 2011, at St. Madeleine Sophie Church in Guilderland and The Mohawk River Country Club and Chateau in Rexford. Pictured from left: Eric “Chewy” Vaughn ’00, Allison Shoemaker Beauechemin ’09, the bride, the bridegroom and Colleen McGovern Zimmer ’01.

Erin Brennan ’06 and James Jacobsen were married July 13 at the Venetian in Garfield, N.J. Alumni in attendance included, front row, from left: Shane Hogan ‘06, Will Boylan ‘06, Kevin Pytel ‘06, Pam Lubowsky ‘06, Larry Clever ‘06, the bridegroom and bride. Pictured back row, from left, are: Michael Crowley ‘06, Kyle Kenny ‘06, Gregory Crandell ‘06, Valerie Kahn Meltz ‘06, Cassandra Beal ‘06, Jessica Leo Kenny ‘06, Nicholas Lotito ‘06, Jamie Messineo Hogan ‘07 and Stephanie Foreman Lotito ‘06. Erin is an event planner. The couple resides in Pearl River.

Shane Hogan ’06 and Jamie Messineo ’07 were married on Aug. 6, 2011, at the Surf Club in New Rochelle. Alumni in attendance included Ann Devine Farrell ‘70 and Ryan Braden ‘06 at far left. Pictured top row, from left, are: Kyle Kenny ‘06; Greg Crandell ‘06; Nick Lotito ‘06; Conor Hogan ‘09, M ‘10; Cassandra Beal ‘06; Kevin Pytel ‘06; CJ Theiss ‘06; Bill Gannon ‘06; Elizabeth Farrell Dunnigan ‘05; Chris Dunnigan ‘06 and Joey Farrell ’09. Pictured middle row, from left, are: Erin Brennan Jacobsen ‘06; Jessica Leo Kenny ‘06, M ‘07; Stephanie Foreman Lotito ‘06; the bride; and the bridegroom. From left, Ian Cella ‘07 and Michael Crowley ‘06 are pictured in the bottom row. Shane is an accountant and Jamie is an account executive. The couple resides in Hoboken, N.J.

Drew Schiavo ’07 and Allie Chervin ’08 were married July 20 at The Estate at Eastwind, Wading River. Pictured top row, from left are: Liana Herman ’06, Rob Rosenbaum ’10 and Lawrence Nadel ’06. The bride and bridegroom are pictured at bottom. Drew and Allie are special education teachers in Brooklyn. The couple resides on Long Island.

Jenna Marchetta ’08 and Christopher Mack ’08 were married Jan. 21, 2012, in Utica. They were joined at the reception by several alumni. Pictured top row, from left, are: Jeff Frenzel ’07, Scott Stevens ’08, Dan Wentworth, Brendan Lennon ’10, Dan Gatto ’07, Chris Mosca ’08, Colin Kennedy ’06, Greg Mastrianni ’09 and Josh Cornue ’08. Pictured middle row, from left, are: John Haugh ’96, Tony Thai ’10, Michael Griffin ’10, Michael Marchetta ’10, Jimmy Karl ’10, Mike Fernandez ’07, Josh Drumm ’08, Anthony Labozzetta ’08 and Phil Caban ’05. Pictured bottom row, from left: Maryl Haney ’08, Lindsey Colello ’08, Kate Fruscione ’08, Hillary Gally ’08, Christopher Mack ’08, Jenna Marchetta Mack ’08, Melanie Kane ’08, Alison LaRocca ’08, Kelli Mosca and Allison Kleber ’08. Jenna recently completed her master’s degree in school counseling and Chris is a designer for Four Seasons. The couple resides in Rochester.

Kate Rose ’08, M ’10 and Gary Sutton ’08, M ’10 were married June 29 at Rolling Greens at Dutchess Golf and Country Club. Several alumni attended, including, pictured top row from left: Carrie Roblee ‘08, Nathan Roder ‘08, Katie Maxwell ’97, M ’02, Kori Ayres, Sabrina Corn ‘08, Jennifer Ronnenberg ‘08, Robin McAleese ‘93, Erik Kahoon, Patrick Lesswing ‘08, Ron Slater ‘08, Darrick Fuller ‘10, Jeff Stevens ‘10, Patty Hollister ‘07, Jennifer Nolan ‘09, Jenna George ‘09, Jessica Zalesny Barber ’09 and Steve Akin ‘08. Pictured middle row, from left, are: Dominica Thornton ‘10, Annie Rose ‘10, the bridegroom, the bride, and Dr. Jay Button. Pictured bottom row, from left, are: Amanda Fajen Akin ’08, Jessica Czachowski ‘08, Jennifer Barrenger ‘08, Victoria Sivers ‘07, Andrea Tucker ’07 and Ford Barber ‘09. The couple resides in Charleston, S.C.

Jessica Zalesny ’09 and Ford Barber ’09 were married in June 2010 at the Dutchess Golf and Country Club in Poughkeepsie. Pictured back row, from left, are: Mike Symons ’10, Matt Peirson ’09, Dustin Quinn ’09, Steven Akin ’08 and Gary Sutton ’08. Pictured middle row, from left are: Amanda Fajen Akin ’08, the bride, the bridegroom, Jessica Barber ’09, Chelsey Hammond ’08, Jillian Johnson ’10, Jenn Barrenger ’08, Ryan Pregent ’09 and Nicole Bishopric ’09. Pictured front row, from left, are: Christine Lucas ‘09, Mariana Bartonicek ’09 and Katie Rose ’08. The couple resides in Pleasant Valley.

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