Alumni Exhibit Success in All-Oswego Show

In the fall, art department alumni spanning four decades shared their work and their stories in a special exhibit at Tyler Hall.

Some 35 alumni artists were included in the first such show in nearly 20 years.

Commercial artists, teachers and children’s book illustrators were all represented. The exhibit included many New York pieces as well as imports from several states.

“It is by and large positive recognition of their time spent here,” said Michael Flanagan, assistant director of the Tyler Art Gallery. It’s also inspiration for current students, who got a flavor for the variety of careers artists can pursue.

The recognition came with much appreciation from artists like Mario Romano ’05, who wrote, “I look back at my undergraduate degree and I am thankful for the freedom I had to express what was necessary for me at that time.”

Alumni Exhibitors:

Jamie Ashlaw ’92

Marc Barr M’74

Paul Bartow ’88

Catherine Bebout ’79

Gail Bering-Porter M’ 08

Amy Gutter Bernard ’98

Amanda Besl ’98

Isaac Bidwell ’08

Kelly Chilton ’09

William DeMott ’84, M ’89

Holly DePue ’11

Bernice Ficek-Swenson M ’77

Kenneth Freed M ’75

Gary Grosenbeck ’89

James W. Johnson ’77

Tyrone Johnson-Neuland M ’99

Sarah Heppell ’09

Deale A. Hutton ’01

Denise Lisiecki M ’75

Mike Lupa ’05, M ’06

TreeLee MacAnn ’75

Thomas MacPherson ’73

Rebecca Mushtare ’03

Rick Muto ’75

Sarah Nesbitt ’06

Stephen Nevitt M ’73

Mary Ann Spavins Owen ’73, M ’75

J. Malcolm Owen M ’78

Paul Pearce ’79, M ’03

Mary Pierce ’94,  M ’96

Kelly Roe ’94, M ’97

Mario Romano ’05

James Russell ’83

Virginia Saunders ’75

Roy Strassberg ’72

Cara Thompson M ’02

Kate Timm ’74, M ’76

Rose Throop ’95

2 thoughts on “Alumni Exhibit Success in All-Oswego Show

  1. I’m delighted to see an art alumni show.
    But how were these participants chosen? Was there a general invitation? As a freelance artist and designer — and Oswego studio art alum — I cannot tell you how distressed I am to have missed this opportunity… if there was one.

    • Hi Glenda. According to the gallery director, the participants were nominated by past and present faculty and staff. Of the 50 names, about 35 submitted works for the exhibit.

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