No. 146 – Homecoming Parade

Whether they took place at the traditional Homecoming in the fall, or as a prelude to the spring Greek Games, float parades were a staple of Oswego life of the 1950s-60s years.

Oswego Homecoming“We would spend so much time [decorating our float],” said Virginia “Ginny” Nuedling Erickson ’66 of Arethusa. The sisters all remembered wearing white skirts with their green Arethusa jackets. But the most important part of the marching uniform was a pair of white gloves.

Thelma Aa Taylor ’61, also of Arethusa, remembers being a majorette.

Although the tradition would die out in the turbulent 1970s, the float parade was an important part of campus life — especially Greek life — at mid-century.

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  1. Arethusa Eta was always stellar in the float parade competition in the 60s…what fun memories!u

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