From the President’s Desk

Given the innovative, forward-looking college that we are, it is rare that we pause to look back and take stock of our achievements. Right now, we have so many irons in the fire: We’re awaiting state approval of a bachelor’s degree program in electrical and computer engineering and a combined five-year bachelor’s/MBA program in broadcasting, among other new programs. Our new science facilities are coming together between Snygg and Piez halls, and we’re looking forward to the important work our students and faculty will do there in science, technology and engineering. We’re drilling bore holes in a geothermal field to help heat and cool the new structure, putting us out front in applying green building technology.

We’re giving undergraduates unforgettable research experiences in our new Global Laboratory programs in Brazil and Taiwan and forging partnerships with other universities around the world.

But the occasion of our Sesquicentennial anniversary — many of you got a taste of the yearlong celebration at Reunion in June — reminds us that Oswego has long been an innovative, exciting school, achieving much of significance — not the least of which was providing you, our cherished alumni, the educational foundation on which to build your life.

We have been an important provider of public higher education in this region for 150 years and, early on, acquired an international reputation for educational innovation. I hope you will follow our anniversary celebration as it unfolds through next spring — in this issue of the magazine, in a documentary video series on the college’s history and at a Founder’s Day campus celebration in October. The roots of our vigorous educational enterprise are indeed deep, and they nourish our efforts to ensure that our college is even stronger in the future.

Deborah F. Stanley

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