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Social networking seems like such a new concept for someone of my vintage — and so incredibly prevalent in today’s world.

The Oswego Alumni Association has begun offering more of our programs via social networks and through webcasts to reach more of our alumni who cannot attend an event on campus in person.

Oswego Alumni Association Executive Director Betsy Oberst

We have tweeted about Reunion Weekend — and other topics of interest to our alumni — on Twitter; we have networked with graduates on our Oswego Alumni LinkedIn group and we have connected with you on our Oswego Alumni Facebook page.

But, as is the case with so many things, there is the expression, “Everything old is new again”! This past summer, my husband, Jerry ’77, and I had the opportunity, while on a visit to Washington DC, to visit the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History with The Fund for Oswego National Chair Jack James ’62.

As we toured the exhibit, I was struck by the descriptions in the Human Origins exhibit: “… Building social networks helped our ancestors meet the daily challenges of their environments … Expanding social networks led, eventually, to the complex social lives of modern humans.”

“By 130,000 years ago, groups who lived [186 miles] apart were exchanging resources. Social networks continued to expand and become more complex.”

So … everything old is new again — even 130,000 years ago humans were establishing social networks. And now our networks extend to Oswego alumni and friends across the globe, not just 186 miles away!

Beginning in 2011, look for information about our upcoming Sesquicentennial in 2011 as we begin the celebration of our college’s rich 150-year history. There will be special communications and events on and off campus as well as on the Web. And, I’m guessing as we celebrate the legacy of our founder, Edward Austin Sheldon, we will find once again that everything old is new again!

Even though you can stay connected to Oswego through all of our social networks and on the Web, please come back and see us soon in person. You can check out all of the amazing new improvements on campus.

— Betsy Oberst, Oswego Alumni Association Executive Director

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