Rommel Wood ’07: Three things I love about the web right now

1. Using blogs as living, breathing resources for the stuff you love.

People are calling it a combination of StumbleUpon and Pandora for music nerds.

Shuffler FM is a fun way to navigate through thousands of music blogs. The web is your player and bloggers are your DJs. Double bonus: You can share any song that you like on Facebook and Twitter.

2. Bloggers becoming gurus.

Comedian, seasoned blogger and Internet enthusiast Alex Blagg has founded a new digital agency and he is making quite the splash. By poking fun at the thing he loves/hates the most (the web and the people who work on it), his company, Bajillion Hits, might be the future of digital marketing, in my opinion.

3. Google is going to take over the world and I love them for it.

They just made their own URL shortener public. Much like, but with the ability to sync up with any Google Analytics accounts you may have. Viva la Google!

And if you are obsessed with your Google Reader, but have little to no time every day to sift through [choices], this is an amazing solution courtesy of Google, Google Play. It’s like Google Reader Express!

— Rommel Wood ’07

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