Sounds good: CMA adds audio production minor

SUNY Oswego’s new interdisciplinary minor in audio design and production aims to meet student and industry demand while broadening opportunities for students.

The minor will create a production-centered learning environment to provide hands-on experience that accompanies audio theory.

Music majors Ken Bardin ’11, left, and Brad Gorham ’11 work with a recording by a local performer in the Tyler Hall recording studio.

The program, based in SUNY Oswego’s School of Communication, Media and the Arts, includes courses in broadcasting, music and theatre in its core, plus a large sampling of electives — such as multimedia courses through the art department.

The minor connects radio production courses, theatre sound classes and recording courses in music.

Audio moving into digital and software- driven formats, with greater dissemination via the web, has increased demand for graduates and even current students with the requisite skills, noted Daniel Wood, a former professional recording engineer who now teaches students the tricks of the trade in the music department.

The formation of the School of Communication, Media and the Arts last year — bringing together art, communication studies, music and theatre — provided the final impetus in creating the minor.

“When we formed the new school, we really created avenues for people to work with each other across disciplines,” said Fritz Messere ’71, M ’76, dean of the School of Communication, Media and the Arts. “The minor strengthens all of the existing programs while creating new opportunities for our students.” l

— Tim Nekritz M ’05


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