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We celebrate and share the success of Oswego alumni authors, illustrators and recording artists, who may ask their publisher/distributor to send a copy of the work to the Oswego alumni office to be considered for this column and our website, where cover photos of all works in this column will be displayed.

John T. Sullivan Jr. ’68

Pee Not Your Pants: Memoirs of a Small-Town Mayor with Big Time Ideas

WaveCloud Corporation, 2017.

From former Oswego mayor and author of Forks in the Road comes this latest memoir, which captures the author’s story of triumph and tragedy, success and shortfall, and most of all, his interesting adventures along the way.





George Colon ’71

A Bronx Teacher’s Travels

Xlibris, 2017.

A teacher from the Bronx explores the world and its religions, then returns to his classroom to share his findings and teach his students about tolerance and understanding.





Dan Witmer ’82 M’87

The Best of Road Trip Dad: The Laker Lacrosse Collection

Dan Witmer, 2018.

This book features more than 40 essays from 2012 to 2018 about the people, the stories, the history and the traditions of the Oswego State men’s lacrosse program.





Jonathan Anderson ’83

Images of America Series: The History of the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office

Arcadia Publishing, 2015.

The Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office was formed in 1794 and is steeped in history. Anderson is a 33-year veteran of the department.





Derek Miller ’84

Mountain Mania

Derek Miller, 2016.

Mountain Mania is a compilation of firsthand adventures and experiences climbing some of America’s mountains.






Step into Darkness book cover


Barbara Horton O’Rourke ’87
writing as Barb Shadow

A Step Into Darkness

From the Shadows Publishing, 2018.

When a paranormal investigator pulled up in front of New Castle Asylum, he thought he knew what he was walking into … what was waiting for him, however, was darker and more terrifying than he had ever imagined.




Raising Identical Twins: The Uique Challenges and Joys of the Early Years book cover


Lori Duffy Foster ’88

Raising Identical Twins: The Unique Challenges and Joys of the Early Years

Austinburg Road Publications, 2017.

When she learned her twins were identical, journalist Lori Duffy Foster started a blog to record her observations—and that blog became this book: full of facts, advice and studies specific to identical twins, shared from birth through her twins’ sixth birthday.




Diane Staehr Fenner ’91
Sydney Snyder

Unlocking English Learners’ Potential: Strategies For Making Content Accessible

Corwin Publishing, 2017.

This text is a single resource for teachers to help English learners meet the same challenging content standards as their English-proficient peers.




Pathways in the Dark book cover


Lou Paduano ’04

Pathways In The Dark

Eleven Ten Publishing, 2017.

The journey continues in this next tale in the Greystone Collection. Discover new monsters, a detective’s secret past, and battles that show that no one is safe.





Geoffrey Pierce ’04

Manna City

CreateSpace, 2018.

Nista is nine months pregnant, starving and living in a cave. Her husband thinks she’s gone crazy. And the first time she heard the voice of her unborn child, she thought she’d gone crazy, too. But the child has told her too many things, shown her too many things that have come to pass.





Christopher Loperfido ’08
James Dana Benton

Death Disease and Life at War: The Civil War Letters of Surgeon James D. Benton, 111th and 98th New York Infantry Regiments, 1862-1865

Savas Beatie Publishing, 2018.

A Union surgeon’s correspondence, together with insights from the author, coalesce to produce an explanation of what awaited both the wounded and the medical teams during the Civil War.




Michael Pittavino ’12 M’13
Theodore Panayotoff

Lighthouses and Life Saving at Oswego

Arcadia Publishing, 2018.

As curator of the H. Lee White Maritime Museum, Pittavino presents both familiar and never-before-seen images of Oswego’s waterfront that were carefully selected from hundreds of photographs in the archives of the museum and other sources, near and far.




Rebekah Murray ’15

One Giant Leap for Felix

Lulu Enterprises Inc., 2018.

In this children’s book, a house cat named Felix accidentally winds up on a spaceship manned by his astronaut owner.

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