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Picture: Marissa Specioso ’16/Kaitlin Marcy ’11

Growing up an only child in Webster, N.Y., a suburb of Rochester, Troy Antinora ’16 (right) said he always remembered loving drawing and art, as well as sports. His parents nurtured his love with recreational sports leagues and additional art classes—picking him up from football camp to head to a painting class in the summers. He was recruited to play football at Alfred University, but soon realized that his true passion lay in studying the graphic arts and transferred to SUNY Oswego for its arts programs. He graduated with a BFA in graphic design with a minor in illustration. Today, he works as a video editor in advertising and promotions at Fox News in New York City.

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What did you want to become when you were a child?

I always thought about being an architect as a child. However, once I found out you needed to make calculations and it involved more than just drawing houses, I changed my mind real quick.

After transferring to Oswego, what did you get involved in? What were some of the highlights of your time here?

Being involved with the rugby team at Oswego was one of the best decisions I made during college. Not only did I make some incredible friends with whom I still am very close to this day, but I was able to learn more about teamwork, hard work and trust—lessons I will never forget.

Some highlights of my Oswego experience include:

• winning two Division II state titles with my rugby team,

Reid Adler Photo Rugby

Reid Adler ’16 M’18

• the all-inclusive dining hall pass while on campus (I may have eaten too much),

• my senior BFA exhibition which allowed me to speak with many of my professors from a professional position as opposed to a student,

• winning a few juried art exhibitions at Tyler Art Gallery—which was very rewarding and proved to me that the hard work does actually pay off, and

• enjoying the flat rocks on the lake.

BB_mock ArtworkYou said you always had an interest in art, but with so many forms of art, how did you come to choose to study graphic design?

It wasn’t until my senior year of high school that my Advanced Placement art teacher told me about graphic design. He explained to me how it integrated the fine arts with the commercial aspect of art, and also stressed that it is a growing field. Without his guidance, I would not have even realized I could have a career in graphic design or even the arts.

How did you come to work as a video editor at Fox News in New York City?

I was incredibly eager to find a job. I applied to over 100 different companies, all mainly in NYC. Finally, I landed an interview at Fox for a video editor position. A month passed and I was persistent in contacting Fox to find out my status. I received a call back and I got the job. I believe I showed my interest, my persistency and also my skills.

I design and edit commercials that air on both Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network. Some of the commercials can also be seen on the internet and other channels such as FS1 or other Fox affiliates. I usually design 10-second commercials that promote the shows individually, such as “Tucker Carlson Tonight” or “Fox & Friends.” But we also create 15- and 30-second spots and “in-show” advertisements that play while the show is live. It is incredibly exciting. Something different is happening every day. Advertising and news are a never ending combo of fast pace and constant change, which is exactly what I was looking for.

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View one of Troy’s video edits for Cooking with Friends Facebook page

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

I hope to still be in NYC enjoying the neverending possibilities this city has to offer. I am very happy at Fox, but I am always looking forward, so who knows what is to come.

What is something that no one knows about you?

If I told you something no one knows, then someone would know…

—Margaret Spillett

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