Casey Raymond Earns Top Teaching Award

Casey Raymond Earns Top Teaching Award

Photo: Jim Russell ’83

Casey Raymond, a chemistry faculty member, recently earned the SUNY Oswego President’s Award for Teaching Excellence, an honor reserved for exceptional learner-centered skills and efforts. More than a dozen of his former students and current faculty colleagues supported Raymond for the award.

As chair of the college’s Sciences Planning Committee, Raymond was instrumental in helping guide the planning, design, construction and equipping of the $118 million Richard S. Shineman Center for Science, Engineering and Innovation, which opened in fall 2013.

An associate professor specializing in inorganic and materials chemistry, X-ray crystallography, and fermentation and food science, Raymond, usually with his wife, Melissa Hellman, attends virtually every SUNY Oswego men’s and women’s ice hockey game, and he is a faculty mentor to the women’s team; the couple sometimes has students over for hands-on lessons in cooking chemistry; and Raymond also conducts study-travel programs to Belgium, Scotland or Italy to encourage students to learn firsthand about fermentation chemistry, and its end products—beer, wine and cheese.

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