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Well … time flies, as they say! Somehow it’s 2017, and it has been a trip down memory lane to work with this year’s Class of 1977 volunteers on planning their 40th reunion in June. We have such an engaged group of class volunteers, and the posting of old photos and memories has truly brought back a flood of happy memories and long- ago friendships that my husband, Jerry ’77, and I have.

In today’s digital, social media era where we can even know what someone had for breakfast, one might ask, “Why return for a college reunion?” The answer is surprisingly simple. Nothing can replace the in-person interactions and revisiting the place where those long-ago memories and transformational life experiences took place. And a return to the nostalgic location where those (sometimes lifelong) relationships were forged cannot be replicated online.

Attending college was for me 40 years ago, and remains today, a life-changing and opportunity-opening experience. I, like so many of my friends, headed off to my freshman year without a clear idea of what I wanted to “do” with my life, or where my path would take me. I just knew that the experience ahead of me would change and broaden me. And it did!

In many ways, our online social media- savvy students of today are no different in that respect. I get to watch students transform and grow in their years here as Oswego students. And it is a gift for which I give thanks every day.

I have always loved Reunion Weekend, our largest alumni program of the year. This year, it will take on added significance as I welcome home the Class of 1977, and so many of Jerry’s and my college friends. I encourage anyone, from any class or affinity group who has not returned for a reunion to add it to your bucket list. To see how the beautiful lakeside campus we all love so much has transformed, too, is magical. And so many of you have provided SUNY Oswego with your financial support for some of those physical improvements, as well as for our many student programs. For that, we continue to be grateful!

Three years ago, we conducted our most recent “all-alumni” survey to solicit your input on programs and communications that engage and inform our alumni. Our Oswego Alumni Association Board of Directors and our campus alumni team uses this information to serve our 85,000+ alumni body in the most effective manner.

In order to continue to maintain relevancy, we are again seeking your feedback on the programs, services and communications that will serve you best. Please take a few moments and help us by sharing your feedback on the 2017 alumni survey. (See page 13.) Our Board of Directors and alumni team really want and need your input!

I look forward to seeing you soon on campus … maybe at Reunion 2017… or on the road!

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