Millennial Alumni Find a Home in Fast-Growing Tech Company


Terakeet employees in Syracuse, N.Y., welcome SUNY Oswego students in Fall 2015 as part of Test Drive Your Career.

If you are offered a ride on a rocket ship, get on board.

Christopher Loman ’08 did, and now he is vice president for operations at one of the fastest-growing software and online marketing companies.

“Just get on board, and don’t worry about which seat,” Loman told current SUNY Oswego students. “Realize that the opportunities are vast within a start-up company, and plan to learn a lot and be an active component. Don’t just live up to a job description, go way beyond.”

Loman, who joined the Syracuse, N.Y., company Terakeet in 2007 as an intern, was among Terakeet staff who welcomed students on Oct. 16 as part of a Test Drive Your Career event coordinated by Mallory Bower, associate director of career services at SUNY Oswego, and Adam Marinelli ’04 M’08, Terakeet’s professional development coordinator.

Tours, a talk with chief executive officer and co-founder MacLaren “Mac” Cummings and an Oswego alumni panel were all part of the day’s events. In fact, Terakeet boasts 25 SUNY Oswego alumni as employees, one of the largest college representations among its staff of 150.

“We want our region’s best and brightest college graduates to remain here in Central New York,” Marinelli said. “Terakeet has become a formidable company of choice to utilize the talents of SUNY Oswego graduates, particularly in the communications and business fields. Providing recent graduates with a chance to begin and advance their careers in CNY is something we take great pride in.”

Panelists, who included Loman, Bryan Conte ’08, Nathaniel Zera ’13, Mary Godnick ’14, Jordan Tetro Arnold ’10 and Astin Joeckel ’09, encouraged students to pursue diverse interests that can translate to valuable skills they can offer to future employers.

Marketing student Jeff Allen ’17, who completed an internship in a traditional corporate setting this past summer, said he is excited about the Terakeet culture and its focus on young grads.

“I look around, and the employees all look like me,” he said. “The environment is friendly and filled with energy. I wanted to come here today to get a feel for whether a company like this fits me, and I really like it. I feel like it’s [current] with the times.”

–Eileen Crandall

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