FarmOn! Foundation



Milk Money:Milk_Money

Brings Hudson Valley fresh milk from cow to kid in 36 hours through partnerships with eight school districts and expanding statewide.

Edible Education/School Victory Gardens:

Offering Hudson Valley school districts gardens to give students hands-on learning opportunities and life skills tied to education.



A collaboration between Chef Jean-George’s ABC Restaurant and FarmOn, which buys fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products from 30 local farms and delivers for distribution to the ABC Kitchen in New York City and the TasteNY Todd Hill Rest Station on the Taconic Parkway.

Camp FarmOn!:

A five-day entrepreneurial agriculture experience where students in grades 8 through 11 visit farms and food businesses, come up with a product or service to sustain profitability and pitch it to a panel of prospective venture capitalists, the “shark tank.”

Ag Academy:

SUNY- and Cornell University-accredited apprentice/applied learning program for 17 to 20-year-olds who live and work at the Empire Farm, and learn firsthand about the farm to table revenue stream custom growing for NYC chefs.

Slam Dunk Your Veggies:

In partnership with School Victory Gardens and her boyfriend, retired NBA player Eric Williams, Edick arranges assemblies with NBA players to get children excited about eating their vegetables.


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