Oswego Matters: Spring 2016


Our first “re-established” Homecoming celebration in November 2015 was an unqualified success, with a total of more than 800 attendees at various events and close to 400 individual participants throughout the day! We will continue to build and expand upon our activities for current students and alumni this fall. So, mark your calendars for an expanded schedule of activities November 4-6, 2016. Plans are underway for adding a bonfire and other fun activities to bring even more alumni and students together.

We are in the homestretch this spring of our historic $40 million fund-
raising campaign, With Passion and Purpose. With everyone’s help (every gift counts!), we are confident we will cross the finish line on June 30 and surpass our ambitious goal. Thank you to all who have supported Oswego to date, as we’ve invigorated our intellectual climate with new technology, equipment and excellence funds; increased access, experience and success with many new scholarships and support services for students; and dramatically increased our endowment.

All of these initiatives increase our strength as a college of choice for more and more students. Alumni support—both financially—and in helping provide career advice, internships and assistance in helping new grads launch their careers—is a longstanding hallmark of our powerful alumni network at Oswego.

Our alumni network is now more than 80,000 strong. Well over 100 alumni return to campus each year to speak with students in classes and on campus to share their knowledge and lend a hand through our Alumni-In-Residence (AIR) program. Hundreds more share their time and expertise through the Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) program and still more at regional events and career networking events around the country. Please consider getting involved in any of these programs if you are not already.

And, some of the local happenings and establishments around Oswego that resonate with so many alumni from across the generations are ramping up as we inch toward spring. As I write this, Rudy’s is opening and a brand new Wade’s Diner (destroyed in a fire last summer) has just reopened to serve up their iconic raisin toast and more! So, if nothing else, a trip back to Oswego should be on your to-do list for a tour of campus (a lot is new!), a coney hot, a fish sandwich, an Oswego Sub Shop sub, raisin toast, a Press Box burger, a visit to Canale’s … and of course, an unrivaled Oswego sunset!

Reunion 2016 is the perfect opportunity June 9-12 … or Homecoming November 4-6. Or any time that works for you. Make a visit to King Alumni Hall one of your first stops. One of our favorite activities is hearing your stories and reminiscences, and we’ll promise to try and deliver that fabulous Oswego sunset for your visit!

-Betsy Oberst

Executive Director

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