Alumni Couple Provides ‘Real Money’ for Student Investment Club

The best way to learn responsible financial management is by actually spending and investing your own money. Husband and wife, Christopher Tuohy ’81 and Doreen Mochrie ’85, have established a fund with a $100,000 gift to the Student Investment Club so its members can do just that.

p04-tuohy-mochrie“We hope that the fund gives Oswego students real-life experience and puts them in a better position to get a job when they graduate,” said Tuohy, a guidance counselor at Walt Whitman High School in Huntington Station, N.Y. “The club has real money to manage. The students will learn both life and business lessons as they put real money at risk, as opposed to just learning some theory in the classroom.”

The establishment of the fund also carries personal significance to Mochrie, managing partner and global head of investor relations at Perry Capital in
New York City.

“I work for a hedge fund on Wall Street, and there are not a lot of Oswego grads on the Street,” Mochrie said. “This gift will give young people the opportunity to learn about the market. With the practical experience they’ll gain from managing the fund, club members will have a real advantage if they pursue a career in the financial markets. Also, I’m incredibly impressed by club and fund advisor [Marcia Belmar Willock ’50 Professor
of Finance] Mary Rodgers, as well as by the enthusiasm of the members and officers of the Student Investment Club.”

Finance major and Student Invest­ment Club President Kevin Stein ’16 landed an internship at an asset management company last summer, so his involvement in the club has already paid off for him. He expects those experiences will continue to help him upon his graduation in May.

“The Student Investment Club uses many of the concepts we learn in class but then applies them to managing an actual portfolio,” he said. “The experience in the club will definitely set me apart from other candidates. During my internship last summer, one of the first things the analysts told me was that they wanted to see investment club-style experience on applicants’ resumes. That has made me all that much more grateful for this opportunity on our campus.”

Mochrie and Tuohy said they are especially thankful for the lifelong friends they made at Oswego. This fall, Mochrie took a long weekend to Nashville with her college girlfriends—a tradition of traveling together that the group does every other year. For Tuohy, his connection to Oswego began during a trip to campus with his parents in February of his senior year of high school.

“I had an immediate reaction—I just knew and told my dad, ‘I want to come to school here,’” Tuohy said. “Of course, that’s not what has kept me connected all these years. It’s the people—my lifelong friends that I made.”

Mochrie added: “We both have a strong affiliation with Oswego and will always be grateful for the people we’ve met and relationships we’ve built there over the years.”

Margaret Spillett

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  1. Congrats to the Student Investment Club! It is fascinating to learn about this alumni couple! Congrats to Christopher Tuohy and Doreen Mochrie. Doreen was a few years ahead of me. I work in finance so I’d love to connect and share stories.

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