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We celebrate and share the success of Oswego alumni authors, illustrators and recording artists, who may ask their publisher/distributor to send a copy of the work to the Oswego alumni office to be considered for this column and our website, where cover photos of all works in this column will be displayed.

p38-a-Book1Guy Abell ’65
Roman Guy: A Collection of Columns & Musings
Red Barn Books of Vermont, 2014.

Abell began writing the columns and stories in Roman Guy, which depict his life, travels and family, over 15 years ago during an internship with a newspaper in Pennsylvania. The topics of the 10-chapter book range from his dream of owning a sports car to his experience of getting tested for prostate cancer.

p38-b-Book2John Amerigo Merenda ’65
Straight to the White House
Mira Digital Publishing, 2014.

Straight to the White House tells the story of a young boy finding his identity through themes of sexuality, war, repressed childhood trauma and

p38-c-Book3Anthony Gero ’70
The Night Dancer Chronicles: Book 1
Downtown Books Publishing, 2014.

Based on the Book of Job and various vampire legends, The Night Dancer Chronicles: Book 1 begins in the 20th century when a golden-haired vampire attempts to bring about Satan’s new millennium. The tale about the growing power of evil and the prophesied return of Satan is conveyed through both historical and fictional characters.

p38-d-Book4Leonard “Lost Lenny” Nicholas ’71
The Hall
AuthorHouse, 2013.

The Hall, partly based on Nicholas’ college experiences, provides insight into the culture on college campuses. The book is about one man’s adventure during his freshman year of college and the difficulties of dormitory life.

p38-e-Book5Peter Bernhardt ’74
Darwin’s Orchids: Then & Now
The University of Chicago Press, 2014.

In Darwin’s Orchids, an international group of orchid biologists unites to celebrate and explore the continuum that stretches from Darwin’s groundbreaking orchid research to that of today. This book seeks to answer the questions of orchid pollination.

p38-f-Book6Sandra Carroll Mann ’74
The Lahmajun Man
Appalachian Press, 2013.

Set in 1915 Turkey, The Lahmajun Man is a children’s tale about a generous baker who is willing to share and show empathy for those less fortunate, even in the worst of situations. The book emphasizes the values of love and compassion. The vibrant illustrations are done by Mann’s daughter, Hilary E. Mann.

Jeff Stage ’77
Chasing Jenny: A Philatelic Mystery
BookBaby, 2013.

Lizzy and Miles frantically search for a set of rare and valuable missing stamps in this first novel in a mayhem-filled series titled, Chasing Jenny: A Philatelic Mystery. See Jeff’s Last Word here.

p38-h-Book8Tracy Tripp ’91
Parting Gifts
Outskirts Press, 2015.

Switching between the present and the past, Parting Gifts is about a friendship, secrets and choices that change the lives of two women. Its powerful story unfolds through four different sections, titled after each decision made. The relationship between Sarah and Mary reveals true friendship, regret and forgiveness.

p38-i-Book9Kristin MacDonald ’96
Loving Lacie: “I’m the best!”
Bryce Cullen Publishing, 2015.

Lacie, an energetic 4-year-old girl, is always busy with activities like sports, ballet and piano. She has no time to play or relax until she realizes she needs to slow down in order to appreciate the love and acceptance that surround her. The book is written in rhyme and was inspired by one of MacDonald’s favorite childhood authors, Shel Silverstein.

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