Wedding Album

Kratz Wedding photo

Maureen Flynn Kratz ’04 and Mark Kratz ’03 were married Oct. 19, 2013, at the Old Tappan Manor in Old Tappan, N.J. From left, front row, are Brian Duran ’04, Emma Duran, Taissha Gotay ’09, Luke Morse ’04, Mark Brescia ’03, Lindsey Heacock ’07, Andrea Donnelly Morgia ’03, Shannon Kenny Nowicky ’04, Brooke Craft Pimentel ’05; second row, Patrick Moran ’07, Luke LaReau ’11, Scott Manning, Dan Mastronardi, Eddie O’Boyle ’04, Joanne Rutkowski Kapp ’06, Ashley Williams ’07, Britni McCarthy ’06, Heather Sloven ’05, Emily Yezzo Vuocolo ’04, Nicole Caltabiano ’06, John Nowicky ’05, Jack Butts, Katie Flynn, Jennifer Flynn Robinson ’93; third row, Sarah Freyer Murphy ’08, Luke Tatusko ’04, Nick Mazzeo ’05, Rick Carlson ’04, Matthew Parry ’02, Damian Pratt ’05, Lauren Shanahan Pratt ’04, Nick Paussa, Adam Kapp ’06, Joseph Sterbank ’05, Brian McCarthy ’03, Katie McCabe ’03, Michael Bruno ’02, Allison Palmer ’03, Morgan Barry ’03, Matt Magee ’05, Nan Luma ’06, Billy Bliss ’07 and Michael Robinson ’94.

Wood Wedding

Colleen Wood ’07 and Wayne Weibel ’03 M’08 were married Oct. 5, 2013, at St. Patrick’s Church in Moravia, N.Y. Marie Peterson M’05 is to the right of the bride; from left, are Bastian Tenbergen ’08, Gilian Smith Tenbergen ’08, David Clark ’77, Theresa Capacci Clark ’78, Patty Clark, Stuart Wood Jr., Judi Gough ’07 M’09, Andrew Wright ’10 and David Carr ’05. The couple resides in Locke, N.Y.

Raghunanan Wedding

Tiffany Raghunanan ’10 and Casey Battles ’10 were married on Sept. 1, 2013, at The Surf Club in New Rochelle, N.Y. From left, front row, are Mike Allen ’10, Mike Marcinowski ’12, Patrick Bradley; back row, Kylene Barea ’13, Orlando Bridge ’11, Shannon Brown ’09, Terri Ann Mendoza ’11, Juan Beltre ’10, Brandon Farmer ’11, Jessica Raghunanan ’11 and Mark Exantus ’10. Tiffany is a clinician at Parsons Child and Family Center, and Casey is a client service professional with JP Morgan and recently started an MBA at Oswego. The couple resides in Albany, N.Y.

Hoerz Wedding

Tyler Hoerz ’06 and Lisa Moskowitz Hoerz ’08 were married on May 18, 2013, at the Shaker Heritage Barn in Albany, N.Y. From left, back row, Mike Babala ’74, Rob Cornell ’06, Dan Holding, Joe Zaffuts ’05, Pat Earley ’05, Aaron Cagwin ’06, Andrew Monsour ’06, Sarah Higgins ’08; middle row, Kelsey Norberg ’10, Mary DeTraglia ’06, Lauren Skelton Herrington ’05, Amy Gropp ’06, Sarah Alsante ’08, Theresa Ruane ’08, Kate Waseleski Bevington, Nora Rudewicz ’08, Sam Lupo ’77; front row, Nick Pisani ’07, Megan Rogers Pisani ’07, Mike Agostinho ’05, Kris DePierro ’07 and Jared Bevington ’08. The bride is a school social worker, and the groom is a budget examiner for New York State. The couple resides in Rotterdam, N.Y., with their dog, Laker.

Stinson Wedding

Brian Stinson ’09 and Rachel Hannon ’09 were married on Aug. 3, 2013, at the Mountain House in Keene, N.Y. From left, with the bride and groom, are alumni Cody Netzband ’10, Paul Mirra ’08, Ryan Miller ’10, Joe Pierri ’10, Katie Denny ’09, Jacqueline Vuolo ’09, Emily Somerville ’09
and Lindsay Bevis ’08.

Levine Wedding

Jennifer Levine ’94 and Todd McWhirter were married March 1, 2014, at the Brooklyn Winery in Brooklyn, N.Y. From left, back row, are Kristen Frain Wadsworth ’95, Brien Wadsworth ’96, Catherine Jennings Salem ’95, Julie Ferber ’94, Shari Bryan ’93, Kendra Monte D’Emilia ’93, Jean Ricotta ’93, Debbie Unger Borkowski ’93, Amy Gardner Rackel ’94, Deborah Mardenfeld St. John ’93, Tara McKeever O’Sullivan ’96; second row, Jennifer Harris Wainberg ’93 and Jennifer Levine ’94; front row, Todd McWhirter and Mike Borkowski ’93.

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