A Chemist Abroad

Stacy Trey ’02At the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Stacy Trey ’02 collaborates on projects to make lightweight, anti-static building materials; she also works at SP Wood Technology and Process Development to formulate commodity chemicals from pulp and paper industry residual streams.

Trey is a chemist, who says she was encouraged by Oswego professors to participate in summer programs at other American universities, resulting in experiences that led to graduate school at the University of Southern Mississippi and post-doctoral studies at Sweden’s Royal Institute of Technology.

“Oswego’s program provided a baseline understanding of chemistry and taught me how to work through problems,” she says. “The quality of teaching and individual guidance — professors’ approachability and openness — meant I was not afraid to ask questions in grad school.” Following post-doctoral work involving radiation-curable polymers, Trey was hired at Stockholm’s Technical Research Institute as an investigator and project leader.

She says Oswego classes generated “a broad base of knowledge” in natural, inorganic, biological and organic chemistry and skills in computer simulation.

“Exposure to different disciplines made it difficult to decide which specialization to follow,” she jokes. “The research and laboratory experiences and excellent professors contributed to my sense that I belonged to a group that made chemistry exciting, interesting and even fun.”

— Linda Loomis ’90 M ’97

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