A Trio of Editors

Three former editors of OSWEGO contribute to this issue. Their aggregate experience is 34 years, starting in 1979, when Denise Owen Harrigan began her 17-year run. Linda Loomis ’90 M ’97 started in 1995, with Michele Reed following in 2001. They are writer-editors who share a love for the written word and deep feelings for the people of SUNY Oswego—students, staff, faculty, administrators and, especially, alumni and friends.

Their thoughts on collaborating follow:

Denise Owen Harrigan: (Editor 1979 – 1995)

Oswego cast a powerful spell over me when I was hired as alumni editor in 1979. I attributed my infatuation to lake effect: the magical impact of sparkling Lake Ontario on the horizon. I realized, however, that the college’s true magic lies in its close-knit, yet far-flung community.

In my privileged role as family historian to a fascinating, fun-loving, intensely loyal clan, I travelled from coast to coast to chronicle the accomplishments of high-profile Oswego alumni. I covered campus icons who helped generations of students take flight. I took part in treasured traditions —Torchlight ceremonies and reunions —and came to feel like one of the family.

It’s been 17 years since my career led me away from Oswego. But whenever I reconnect with the college or cross paths with Oswego alumni, I am enveloped by memories as warm and
vibrant as an Oswego sunset.

Linda Loomis ’90 M ’97: (Editor 1995 – 2000)

Serving as editor never felt like a job; arriving at beautiful King Alumni Hall never felt like going to work. I was just doing

what I enjoy: listening to and telling stories of those whose lives authenticate our mission as a learning community, validate the integrity of our degrees, and substantiate the effectiveness of our programs. I treasure the people I have been privileged to know and write about. For it is through stories that we are connected as one accomplished, multi-faceted Oswego family.

Michele Reed: (Editor 2001-2013)

In nearly three decades on campus —16 years at the Public Affairs Office and a dozen more in King and Sheldon Halls as alumni editor—I’ve been blessed to share the secret of what makes Oswego so special: its incredible people.

I’ve been touched by your Oswego generosity, sharing your successes and sorrows, your heartbreak and happiness, your passions and your Oswego pride. You are our living history. Your memories burn bright, and those of us entrusted with sharing them delight in passing on that torch to future generations.

I don’t know where retirement will take me. But I will carry a little bit of Oswego with me forever in my heart.

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