International Faculty, Students Provide World-Class Opportunity

It’s international education, but with a twist. The exchanges that the School of Business makes involve ideas and bring a global focus to campus.

From top: Nermine Atteya, Modern Academy for Computer Science and Management Technology, Egypt; Nergis Aziz, Suleyman Sah University, Istanbul, Turkey; Shusheng Sun, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, China; Honglin Yang, Hunan University, China; and Jun Ma, Shenyang University of Technology, China

This past academic year, five visiting scholars brought their unique insights to business classes, giving students a world-class opportunity. “This increases international exposure for our students,” said Dean Richard Skolnik. “It prepares them for the workforce of the 21st century.”

The program extends the reach and enriches the reputation of the business school, which also has an agreement to offer degrees in three courses of study to students from Zhejiang Sci-Tech University in Hangzhou, China.

“Oswego’s business school is one of the best in the SUNY system,” said Shusheng Sun, visiting from the Wuhan University of Science and Technology. “[It] is relatively small compared to many other schools, but students and faculty have a very close and harmonious relationship.”

Nergis Aziz of Suleyman Sah University in Istanbul, Turkey, said she intends to continue work with Oswego faculty when she returns home.

“[I came to Oswego] for the teaching experience, but also for the research,” said Honglin Yang, an associate professor at Hunan University in China.

The school welcomed another Chinese scholar, Jun Ma from the Shenyang University of Technology, and Nermine Atteya from the Modern Academy for Computer Science and Management Technology in Cairo.

Atteya said leadership, motivation, mutual respect, cooperation and collaboration were paramount to her experience.

“SUNY Oswego has a lot of privileges in addition to its uniqueness. It is characterized by the diversity of professors, staff and visiting scholars,” she said. “The work climate is healthy, positive and focuses on interpersonal relationships.”

Yang praised the care put into making students successful.

“Using the heart to teach each student impresses me so much,” said Yang. “All faculty and staff devote their time and energy to developing students’ abilities and skills.”

By all counts, time spent at Oswego left a major impression on these scholars, but for reasons beyond complex subjects like organizational structure studies and quantitative analysis for management.

“It was an unforgettable experience for me,” said Ma. In addition to his teaching and presenting at Quest, he also organized student badminton and pool tournaments.

“I think it is significant to value people regardless of their ethnicities, religious preferences, lifestyles and points of view … Diversity just enriches mutual understanding,” said Aziz. “It is a great opportunity to live all together in the colorful world where each color contributes to peace and friendship.”

Since 2007, Oswego has hosted more than 60 students from Zhejiang Sci-Tech University. A recently inked two-plus-two agreement allows ZSTU students to finish degrees in business administration, human resource management and marketing at Oswego.

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