10X10+10: Betty Diaz ’02

With her sorority and in the classroom, Deyadira “Betty” Diaz ’02 took several steps forward at Oswego. In fact, student step dancing earned her an award and spot on the national team after graduation.

Betty Diaz '02

A dedicated alumna of Omega Phi Beta sorority and longtime community advocate, Deyadira “Betty” Diaz ’02, far right, and some fellow sisters take part in the New York PRIDE Parade each year. Betty is a supporter of NBCUniversal’s LGBT affinity group, OUT@NBCU, and recently revived UNIDOS, a Latino affinity group, at NBCUniversal’s Rockefeller Center headquarters.

“It was one of the best experiences of my life,” Betty says of Oswego, where
she participated in the Latino Student Union among many other organizations.

An advocate for mentoring, she revived the UNIDOS Latino group at NBCUniversal in New York, where she is a research manager. Betty sits on the national Omega Phi Beta board and recently founded an alumni-student mentor program for Oswego’s Zeta chapter.

1) Most underrated residence hall at Oswego: Hands down, Johnson Hall! Most people thought it was corny it being a “freshman” dorm, but it was one of my best college experiences! We created a Johnson Hall family and I’m still friends with most to this day (thanks to Facebook!).

2) Most overrated place in New York City: Probably Empire State Building. It’s nice to see the view of Manhattan, but seriously, you might as well pay for a helicopter ride to tour the borough, it’s cool and you get to see it all up close! But, if you must go with a top view, I’d prefer “Top of the Rock,” the observation deck at Rockefeller Center.

3) Most enjoyed student activity: Hands down (er, actually up) … RITMO LATINO! Entertaining the audiences at Latino Student Union, Black Student Union, etc. dinners and even performing at neighboring schools like Syracuse University were the highlights!

4) Key communication studies course: COM 100 (or was it 101?) – it’s been years so I can’t recall, but you get all the basics and from there you’ll know what track you want (e.g. general communications or broadcast, etc.).

5) Best advice you can give: Definitely look into internships, especially within your career of choice! It’s the best way to get your foot in the door as well as network for future contacts! Best thing I ever did!

6) Favorite Latina entertainer: My favorite singer is Ana Gabriel! She is amazing! Half Mexican and half Japanese! But my overall fave entertainer is Johnny Depp (he’s not a Latina, although I’m sure he can very well play one if needed).7) NBCUniversal show you love: NBC’s “The Voice” (My future husband Blake Shelton is in it, duh!!!).

8) Technology you could do without: iPhone! I still have a Blackberry!

9) Old-school item you can’t let go of: My VHS tapes! I have a few videos from May Day weekend when we created those fun music videos. They probably provide you a cool link to download now, but in my day it was all about the VHS tapes!

10) Great way to help your community: Ask your school/work if there are any community partnerships that you can participate/assist with. If not, ask your local community church or community centers (e.g. senior service centers) how you can participate in helping the community. Or, you can always participate in local walks/runs like an AIDS walk, breast cancer walk, MS walk, etc.

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  1. I loooved Johnson Hall. It was such a close-knit environment. We got together for so many activities. Second favorite dorm was Hart Hall. I moved in when it was first constructed. International night was great. I loved learning about the cultures of the exchange students in the building.

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