10×10+10: Ryan Pregent ’09

Some 17,000-plus have played professional baseball in this country and only 206 of them are in the Hall of Fame. There are more than 200 employees at the Hall; Ryan Pregent ’09 is one of them.

“I used to come down every year without fail with my Dad, so it’s kind of cool that I work here now,” says Ryan, an Oswego business major who went to Cortland for his sports management master’s. As membership associate, he cultivates a key source of fundraising. Ryan occasionally gives tours, takes tickets, blogs and runs a movie projector, but often marvels at the history and lore surrounding him.

Best business class: Business Law 350 (I think that was the course number). I had a great professor and it was the one class I always looked forward to.

Worst grade: C-. I can remember the paper, the professor and exactly what I did wrong — it has stuck with me.

Favorite ballplayer: My all-time favorite player is Lou Gehrig. I really enjoy watching Robinson Cano and Roy Halladay for players of today.

Least favorite stat: Earned Run Average is easily eschewed by other factors in the game and fails to tell the whole story.

No. 1 team: The Yankees are my favorite team. I am also a huge Jets fan.

Great Hall of Fame exhibit: The Pride and Passion exhibit. It profiles the Negro leagues. There is a lot jam-packed in a small space and a lot of great interactive opportunities for visitors.

Hardest Hall of Fame job: To be honest, all the jobs have ups and downs and I am not sure there is a hardest job. I guess it all depends on who you talk to.

Easiest meal: Pizza. All you have to do is dial.

Cooperstown hidden gem? Doubleday Field is a throwback to small-town ballparks. It has a beautiful façade and is tucked away off of Main Street. A lot people know it’s here — they just can’t find it.

Top Oswego spot: Greene’s Ale House. Good food and wings was always a must.

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