International Center of Syracuse honors Oswego’s Kanbur

The International Center of Syracuse bestowed its International Educator Award on SUNY Oswego’s Shashi Kanbur in November at the Central New York International Citizen Award Banquet at Onondaga Community College.

The award recognizes an outstanding educator whose teaching, research, creative work, scholarship or services have significantly promoted global learning

Associate Professor Shashi Kanbur

outcomes among students in a college or school setting, according to the center.

Gurdeep Skolnik, coordinator of Oswego’s International Language and Education Center, nominated Kanbur for the honor in recognition of his “significant contributions towards internationalization at SUNY Oswego,” she said.

An associate professor in the physics and earth sciences departments, Kanbur is also a faculty fellow in the President’s Office this year. He has played a key role in developing SUNY Oswego’s Global Laboratory.

India native Kanbur has an international reputation in astrophysics research. Since his arrival at Oswego in 2005, he has published 23 papers with international collaborators in the top peer-reviewed journals in astrophysics. Currently he has active collaborations with researchers in Taiwan, Chile, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, South Africa and Japan.

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