Photo: Chemistry students visit Corning Glass facility

Chemistry students got a firsthand look into what it is like to work in the field of material science recently when they toured Corning with faculty members Kristin Gublo ’96, M ’99, pictured left, and Fehmi Damkaci, third from right. The students learned the 160-year history of Corning, including innovations such as the light bulb, Pyrex, catalytic converters, and Clear Curve and Gorilla glass. They visited reliability and mechanical science, organic chemistry and display applications labs. Amy MacDougall ’94 and Meghan Lyons ’04 welcomed them during the tour, which was inspired by the Spring 2011 Oswego magazine feature on Corning Glass Technologies Chief Technology Officer Peter Bocko ’75. The Compass, chemistry department and Chemistry Club funded the trip. Pictured in front of a glass periodic table of elements, the students are, from left, Jacob Schwartz ’13, Ryan Cotroneo ’12, Yoshihiro Miura ’12, Andrew Preischel ’12, Shirley Peng ’12, Adam Szymaniak ’12, Chris Destevens ’12, Brianna Graham ’12, Joshua Cruz ’13, Ned Karcich ’11, Denise Ward ’11, Ryan Smith ’13, Tamara Nsouli ’13, Kalib St. Ange ’12, Damkaci, Megan Wagner ’09, M ’12 and Lyndon Flynn-Roach ’14.

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