No. 34 – Fallbrook

For a time in the mid-20th century, Oswego could boast of its own riding stables and ski slopes. The college acquired Fallbrook Farm, formerly a home for the elderly, on Thompson Road just west of the college’s main entrance and Fallbrook Recreation Center was born.

Fallbrook BarnAt one point, Fallbrook was a residence hall for 60 to 70 men, mostly transfers and hockey players. John Daken ’66 and Ron Kilbourn ’66 remember their time at Fallbrook fondly.

“It was like living in a fraternity,” said Daken. “We were a close-knit group of guys.”

The residence had its own cook, and the added benefit of a beautiful natural setting. “On nice days, we would stand under the waterfall and wash our hair,” Daken recalled.

The ski slopes and horseback riding ended with the budget cuts of the ’70s, but Fallbrook is still used for weddings, meetings and retreats, as well as the annual favorite, the “Come as You Were” barbecue at every Oswego Alumni Association Reunion.

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