From the President’s Desk

You know something strange is going on when you read a headline like “SUNY students press for tuition increases.”

At Oswego, we have been on a wonderful trajectory in so many ways — expanding in the sciences, creating innovative arts events, enriching our region’s workforce and cultural sphere, engaging schools and businesses in fruitful collaboration, renewing our campus with state-of-the-art facilities, thrilling fans with athletic prowess, partnering with researchers and educators around the globe, and offering our students world-class opportunity as they interact with our faculty and our alumni.

The path our college is on is a tremendous source of encouragement for our students and pride for our alumni.

Yet we all know that we need revenue to continue to be the vibrant and innovative college that you read about in every issue of this magazine and witness with every visit to campus.

Still suffering from the recession, New York is not providing sufficient resources for SUNY: If the latest round of cuts (on the table as I write) go through, Oswego will have been cut $11 million over three years. At the same time, our tuition is artificially low, the lowest in the Northeast.

Our students recognize that the quality of their education and their future are imperiled by this state of affairs. Hence the headlines, as the Student Assembly joins SUNY’s friends in calling for a five-year tuition plan with increases that are fair and predictable.

As someone who values the experience you had at Oswego and who wishes to see current and future students reap the full benefits that an Oswego education should afford, you can help us achieve revenue
solutions by advocating for your alma mater at every opportunity.

I ask you to step back and picture the kind of New York you want to live in — confident, robust and radiant, offering opportunity to all our citizens. SUNY is indispensable to this vision, which is why your support for us now is so important.

Deborah F. Stanley, President



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