From the Editor’s Pen

Oswego may be celebrating its 150th birthday this year, but ever since Edward Austin Sheldon pioneered new teaching methods, we try to stay on the cutting edge of things. And the same is true for your Oswego alumni magazine. So in this issue, we are proud to announce two innovations. On page 48, read about our new, enhanced magazine website. You’ll be able to access all our content in a clean, easy-to-read format, or if you prefer the traditional look of the magazine, you’ll be able to virtually “turn the pages” with our interactive pdf. We’ll have added content like multimedia and links for every issue, too. On page 48 and the inside covers of this issue, you will see a square-shaped bar code. This is a QR, or Quick Response, code. If you have a smartphone and the proper app, you can use it to take you directly to Web pages for Reunion, the magazine or giving. As we celebrate our Sesquicentennial, we are proud to honor our heritage, but we are also excited about all the new, interesting ways we can serve our alumni better. We like to think Sheldon would be proud!

Michele A. Reed, Oswego editor


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