No. 106 – Greek Life

Sig Gamma guys at Reunion 2010

Oswego is often billed as one big family — and you can’t have a family without brothers and sisters.

Greeks have been a part of student life at Oswego since the 1920s, when Ransom Libby and Max Ziel founded Psi Phi Gamma, Oswego’s first fraternity, and Clio was established as the college’s first sorority.

Maria’s Awesome Road Trip

Maria Fay '61

It was the ride of a lifetime, when Maria LaMotta Fay ’61 and her cousin Ann Varsalona set out on an 8,900-mile road trip across America and back. Last summer, they drove from Maria’s home in Pompano Beach, Fla., across the southern United States to Los Angeles, up the Pacific Coast Highway to San Francisco and back to the East Coast via a northern route.