Jumping In


Rebecca Howe ’16

Public Relations

Student Programs Beneficiary, Merit Scholarship Recipient, OSWEGO Alumni Magazine/OAA Intern

Fueling the flame: Unrestricted Gifts, The Fund for Oswego

“I knew the moment I stepped onto the Oswego campus that my life was going to change. I was ready to join clubs, meet new people, experience what Oswego offers and start learning from the wonderful professors. I will always think of Oswego as one of the best decisions of my life.”

Rebecca Howe ’16 represents one of the 8,300 students enrolled at SUNY Oswego who benefit from the $2 million from The Fund for Oswego distributed to campus and student programs every year.

As she anticipated, she jumped into campus life with both feet—or 10 toes, as the case may be. A ballet dancer for 15 years, Howe eagerly joined the Del Sarte Dance Club on campus as a dancer and choreographer.

While she had many learning moments in her classes, one that stood out to her was hearing Alumni-In-Residence speaker Anthony DeMario ’12, new brand strategist at Terakeet in Syracuse, talk about his experiences since graduating from Oswego.

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