Award-winning ‘Mathster’ Makes Math Matter

Award-winning ‘Mathster’ Makes Math Matter

In an age where children are used to watching TV and movies and playing video games, math teacher Tom Vakkas ’98 subtracts the textbooks and worksheets and adds in videos and toys.

Tom, a fourth-grade math teacher at Parker Elementary School in Cortland, has used conventional, paper-based methods during his 13-year career. “Kids get it, but not all kids,” he said. Now, starring as “Mathster Vakkas” in his homemade videos, he tries to get students to solve problems using real-life situations.

Faculty Hall of Fame: Dr. Ronald A. Brown

Dr. Ronald A. Brown

Dr. Ronald A Brown’s teaching philosophy can be summed up in three letters: F-U-N.
When he joined the Oswego faculty in 1971, the physics department was fighting for survival. It had few majors, and needed to attract non-majors to remain viable. With a bachelor’s degree from Drexel University and master’s and doctorate from Purdue, Brown was hired away from Kent State. His mission: to make physics understandable for those fulfilling general education requirements and elementary education majors looking for fun ways to incorporate science into their classrooms. Vowing not to “kill ’em with calculus,” he devised his own method of hands-on, play-based instruction.

Grateful Teachers Pass Along Oswego Education to Future Generations

Donald and Linda Blauvelt

For Donald ’62 and Linda Mykland Blauvelt ’61, Oswego is a special place. It’s where they met and fell in love, prepared for a fulfilling career in education and met professors and friends they still remember fondly half a century later.

That’s why the couple, this year celebrating the 50th anniversary of Linda’s graduation and of their marriage, decided to leave Oswego a bequest in their will to establish the Blauvelt Scholarship Fund.

Oswego combines Peace Corps service with graduate degrees

Oswego combines  Peace Corps service with graduate degrees

Selected graduate students in agricultural and mathematics education now will have the opportunity to combine Peace Corps service and a master’s degree. The new partnership is part of the Peace Corps Master’s International program. It fits well with Oswego’s many global awareness initiatives, President Deborah F. Stanley said. Barbara Garii, associate dean of the School