Photo: Glass guru

Peter Bocko '75

Corning Glass Technologies Chief Technology Officer and Augustine Silviera Jr. Distinguished Lecture Series speaker Peter Bocko ’75, left, met with students in Snygg Hall chemistry labs during his visit to campus in April. Bocko described a future of “ubiquitous connectivity” fueled by technology and glass that could support computers and applications virtually anywhere. This vision, outlined in the viral video “A Day Made of Glass,” (embedded below) is not without its drawbacks. “The technology is great, but at the same time we need to be responsible,” Bocko said.

Whited supports next generation

Frances Maroney Whited '44

Through her generous endowment of two scholarships, Frances Moroney Whited ’44, is making an impact on Oswego students’ lives. She met last fall at King Alumni Hall with Moroney Family Newman Center Scholarship winner Barry Wygel ’12 and the John P. Moroney and Frances Murphy Moroney Merit Scholarship winner Jenna Chewens ’14.