The Smell of Success

The Smell of Success

Early in his career as a researcher at Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, Charles Wysocki ’73 worked on a project to explore the inability of some people to detect certain smells. Through his research, he and a colleague found that identical twins are essentially identical in their ability to smell androstenone, a chemical with

Recent grad helps Japan

Ben Hurst

Ben Hurst ’10 made up his mind — he wasn’t going to make sandwiches anymore.

His early search for professional work in the nonprofit industry was unsuccessful and the old summer job assembling subs at a chain sandwich joint was growing stale. He decided to go international with his search and landed on a job teaching English in Japan that he found listed online.

Troilo has vision for SUNY and Oswego

David Troilo ’80, vice president and dean of academic affairs at the SUNY College of Optometry in Manhattan, shares his research on eye development with Oswego students in September.

Thinking outside the box helped David Troilo ’80 create an interdisciplinary major that combined his interest in psychology with animal behavior and neuroscience. The freedom Oswego gave him to create his own course of study allowed him to go on to graduate study and a successful career in developmental visual neuroscience.