Grant Support College’s Effort to Protect Rare Moth, Turtle Habitat

Grant Support College's Effort to Protect Rare Moth, Turtle Habitat

As part of a five-year, $194,500 project funded through the state Department of Environmental Conservation, SUNY Oswego students Sarita Charap ’18 (center) and Corey Kane ’17 (right) remove cattails below the waterline of a local fen to protect the sensitive habitat of two rare species, the bog buckmoth and bog turtle. Working alongside the students

Faculty Research and Creative Work: Turtle Monitoring

Turtle Monitoring

Peter A. Rosenbaum of the biological sciences faculty has won a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service grant to lead a multidisciplinary team to monitor elusive bog turtles at sites in Wayne and Seneca counties. The $58,000 grant, “Population Monitoring and Habitat Monitoring for the Bog Turtle at Two Sites in the Prairie Peninsula and Lake